Best MPLS Training in Noida

Best Cisco MPLS Training in Noida

Teckcat Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is handling networking and high-end training projects. We trained many BGP and MPLS students, at present working in Internet Service providing companies. It is very important to note that knowledge of BGP and MPLS protocols is essential for networking projects. Teckcat is the Best Cisco MPLS Course training institute in Noida. MPLS - Multi Protocol Label Switching is one of the modules of Cisco Service provider. This switching protocol is a mechanism that switches traffic based on labels instead of routing traffic. This process is seen in service provider networks and it can transport all most everything. MPLS VPN is a popular technique is used to build VPNs for customers over the MPLS provider network.

Basic Requirements for joining MPLS course

It is to be noted that person opting to join Multi-Protocol Label Switching Course must have good understanding of IGPs like RIP, OSPF, EIGRP and also should know GRE tunneling techniques. We have experience networking trainers having years of experience in networking. We are exploring MPLS Concepts comprehensively with hands-on practical sessions to our students. We are providing real device practical session and insisting students opt for real not virtual lab.

About Course

MPLS module training is covered only in CCNP Service Provider or one has to select individual course to know Multi-Protocol Label Switching required by Internet Service Providers or in core networking projects. We start with introduction to MPLS, labels and devices used for the ISP networks. There after we are covering all the remaining topics such as: MPLS - Label Distribution Protocol, Label Distribution Protocol, LDP Label Filtering, VPN, Virtual Routing and Forwarding, L3 VPN and L3 VPN Configuration, L3 VPN. Also explaining how BGP Allow AS in and use of MPLS L3 with VPN BGP AS Override, VPN PE-CE RIP, VPN PE-CE EIGRP, VPN PE-CE OSPF, VPN PE-CE OSPF Sham Link, VRF L Route Leaking, MPLS VPN Extranet Route Leaking, MPLS VPN VRF Export Map, MPLS VPN VRF Import Map, MPLS Traffic Engineering, MPLS L2 Encapsulation, Any Transport over MPLS, IPv6 MPLS, IPv6 over MPLS 6PE/6VPE.

So right from MPLS introduction to complete topics like Label Distribution and signalling, MPLS Architecture, A comparison study of Frame Relay, ATM and MPLS and MPLS Traffic Engineering, Virtual Private Networks, Advanced topics , GMPLS are been covered during the course.

MPLS Certification

Qualified certified professionals recognized everywhere in corporate and government sector. We always ask our students to have extra hands-on practical sessions to qualify MPLS Course certification exam to be conducted by Cisco. Students are asked to do more practical sessions in the presence of trainer. We at Teckcat trying to solved all the queries of students facing during practical exercises. This attempt helps students to become confident on networking processes.

Placement Support

Our placement department works round the clock to support and assist students for getting job placement. Our HR is always interacting with our students and explaining how a professional resume should be prepared to present in corporate sector. Also explaining other points related to attend (telephonic/Written) interviews.

Class scheduling

We are also conducting MPLS Online Course training at sector 15 Noida. The Course duration is near about 30 hours. We are arranging weekdays and weekend classes for fresher, working professionals as per their convenience. For having more information regarding course please visit our centre at sector 15 Noida or feel free to call on 7042238633/0120-4321264. You can also ask our counseling team to schedule a FREE DEMO CLASS before enrolling for the course.

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