100% Job Assurance

100% Job Assurance

Teckcat Offers training program which includes training and hands-on practice on the latest technologies as per the requirement various industries. This course curriculum is designed by the well qualified experienced professionals who have got over 20 years of experience of the industry. 

These courses not only focused the technical understanding of the candidates w.r.t the technology but also on following key areas: 

  • Competitive knowledge
  • Presentation Skills
  • Documentation skills
  • Solution techno-commercial USPs
  • T-1/L-1 analysis of the solution
  • Network Pain area understanding
  • Technical understanding of the solution

These courses specifically include at least 2-3 sessions of following activities:  

  • Mock Interviews and Group Discussions.
  • Expose them to Industry Trends / Requirements
  • Expose them to technology Trends.
  • Expose them to Government and Enterprise Vertical
  • Expose them to business Processes /Models in various government and Enterprise verticals

After thorough understanding of the Industry following Job-Assurance Courses is designed: 

Candidates who have enrolled in the training program from Teckcat will be given practical knowledge according to the latest technologies as per the requirement of different industries. And this course has been designed by the professionals who have got around 20 or more years of experience in the industry.

The courses we Teckcat offers, not only focus on the technical conception of the candidates it also focuses on the following area of knowledge as well: -

  • Candidates with Competitive Knowledge.
  • Presentation Skills of the candidates.
  • Candidates with Documentation skills.
  • Solution techno-commercial USPs.
  • Candidates with knowledge of T-1/L-1 Analysis of the Solution.
  • Candidates who have Network Pain Area Understanding.
  • Candidates with Technical Understanding of the Solution.

These courses include around 2-3 sessions of the activities, listed below: -

  • Mock Interviews.
  • Group Discussions.
  • Revealing them to Industry Trends or Requirements.
  • Revealing them to Technology Trends.
  • Revealing them to Government and Enterprise vertical.
  • Revealing them to Business protocols in various Government and Business verticals.

After going through the key aspects of the industry, now have a look at the courses designed by us: -

Courses Offered

Duration Of Course



CCNA Routing&Switching+ CCNP Routing&Switching+ MCSE Server 2012

6 Months



(A+) + (N+) + CCNA Routing & Switching + CCNP Routing & Switching + MCSE + CCNA Security

9 Months

CCNA + CCNP + CCIE Security

6 Months

CCNA + CCNP + CCIE Collaboration

6 Months

CCNA + CCNP + CCIE Routing and Switching

6 Months


Important Note: - Candidates who are thinking to enroll for any of the courses, then they should keep in mind that they are going to get interviewed firstly by our faculty as well as with placement cell experts before enrolling for any of the following courses. Also, candidates can also contact us in case of any confusion or query through visiting on our website as all the details are mentioned in our website.


Please note that Candidates shall be Interviewed first with our faculty and placement Cell experts before enrolling into these courses. 

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